Parking at 219 S. Kirkwood Road
Parking anywhere in downtown Kirkwood can be a challenge. Here's some info to make it easy and pleasant to visit us.
We're right between Spencer's Grill and Imo's Pizza, one block south of Kirkwood City Hall. Our front door is just a few steps from the intersection of S. Kirkwood Road and Monroe Avenue.
Where to park:
  • On the street right out front, on S. Kirkwood Road - If you're dropping off or picking up anything big, heavy, multiple items, etc., this is the best place to park.
  • In the small lot behind us, off Monroe Avenue - Another good place to park if picking up or dropping off items.
  • In the lot behind Imo's Pizza
  • On the street on Monroe Avenue, around the corner from us
​Where to eat:
There are LOTS of great places to eat in downtown Kirkwood, so here are just a few within a stone's throw of our place:
  • Spencer's Grill
  • Imo's Pizza
  • Crushed Red Pizza
  • Kaldi's Coffee
  • Bar Louie